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Would like Betas...

Edit: 1: Gundam Wing/Project Zero II Crossover FOUND. 2:Vocaloid: Cancelled.

I'd be very surprised if someone actually responded to this.
Well, I'm trying to get into the fanfic writing community, and would like to get a beta. I have two stories, a one shot and a multi-chaptered thing.
If you'd like to beta one, or have any advice on how to get a beta, please comment.
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Musings on "With the Light".

While working on the "With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child" part of my Challenge, I started thinking about what, since Keiko Tobe is dead, will happen to the series. She left it unfinished, and I don't know if anyone plans to continue it in her stead. However, I think that such a person would have more problems than most who continue a dead person's story. Why?
Well, they'd have the usual problems associate with stories that out live their creator. Character derailment, fans activly searching for tiny mistakes so they can cry ruined forever, and fans that cry ruined forever even if the new author manages to create the exact same story the original would've, right down to the writing/drawing style (though that could be quite creepy).
But the inheritor would have an additional problem. They'd have to do the research, even if it's just reading over Keiko's notes, and find ways to show their work, without turning the whole thing into a boring education series. While the main point of the series is to teach people about autism, Keiko also balances this out with humour and plot lines that have nothing to do with Hikaru (e.g, Nobuki's mum hittig her drunk husband because she thinks he's messing around with a blonde, only to find out he stole a mannequin). It also reveals a great deal more about japaneese society than a lot of manga I've read. It isn't just a series about autism, it's a story about ordinary people, and that is something the person who takes over could lose sight of.

It would be a shame to let this series die before Hikaru becomes a "cheeful working adult," since that was Keiko Tobe's goal. However, anyone taking over would have to work extra hard to give this series the respect it deserves.

Anime News Network: Keiko Tobe Passes away.
TVtropes: Outlived it's creator.
The "With The Light" page at Yen Press
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It begins...

I am now going to start an "All Fandoms Challenge" on my deviantart, where I draw one fanart for every thing I'm a first or second tier fan of, referring to the list I made here: This Journal Entry. Drawing for the third tier will be optional.
Also, for things like 2000AD, where one term represents multiple fandoms, I'll choose a couple of stories to represent it all.
I plan to have this all done by the time I return to university, in september.
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Fandom Lists.

Edited because I kinda defined the fandom's I'm in too loosely. From now on, I use "able and willing to search for fanfic," as a benchmark.

* links to the image(s) I did for the "All Fandoms Challenge".

Just to prevent this place from being empty, here is a spur-of-the-moment list of things I'm a fan of.

Too New And Shiny for me to judge:
First Tier: Absolutly Adore and obsess with in cycles.
Final Fantasy IX *, Mai HiME (anime)*, El Goonish Shive *, Nikolai Dante (2000 AD), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Gundam Wing*, and With The Light: Raising an Autistic Child.*

Second Tier: Really Enjoy
Tomb Raider*, Clover*, Final Fantasy III*, IV, V* and X, Crimson Shell*, Fatal Frame*, Zombieland, Chobits, Digimon Adventure*, Freefall, most stuff on, ReBoot*, Vision of Escaflowne*, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 and Tenchi Muyo.

This is just my opinion, Mmmkay?